The Rock Chapel

The rock chapel was built a year after The Donga was completed. The chapel is built in such a way that the fact that there is no windows ensures that the surrounding nature vistas are brought right into the chapel.

The wedding couple faces the towards the west and as the sun goes down in the late afternoon it makes for amazing photo opportunities for your photographer. If that doesn't get you or your photographer excited the large old wooden barn doors will definitely have you ranting and raving since they make the most beautiful contrasting photos.

During your site visit we will introduce you to our resident owl of the chapel - that is if we are lucky enough to see him. Yes we have a owl living in the chapel - so please excuse the droppings - but the owl is there to stay. We do however make sure that all is cleaned and ready for your big day.

If getting close to nature is part of your idea when you are planning your wedding - then look no further - The Dongas chapel will definitely bring nature close to you.